A Little About A Lot


Here we are at the end of 2016. A happy, resilient, single parent family living on the West Coast of Canada.


The intention of creating this blog is to share stories and pictures about our adventures over the next few months.  Hoping to inspire others to take leaps, and to give some insight/tips into how it is to travel as a single parent with two kids. I anticipate good times and bad.  Times when its super easy, times when its tediously hard. Times when we are mystified by the simple beauty of life and times when we are overcome by the sadness of it.

Before I begin I feel like its necessary to acknowledge that myself and my children are very privileged to be able to do an adventure like this. We recognize that this is not something everyone has an opportunity to do and we feel lucky to be able to have this experience and share it with others.

The year of 2016 was not a good one for our family.  I’m not going to get into why…but lets just say it was hard times. After that year of unraveling and dissolving and trying to stay standing while facing the storm, I was left contemplating (or perhaps more accurately stated, I was plagued by) an age old question: What is the freakin point of it all?

I don’t have the answer now and I don’t expect to find it…but what I do know is this:

  1. My biggest regrets in life are the things I didn’t do…not the things I did
  2. I’m not taking anything with me when I die so really all I have is right here, right now
  3. Happiness is a choice

All knowledge and experience is powerful and I am excited to share ours with whomever cares to read this.

…i promise none of my entries will ever end with Namaste

Fist Pumps to the sky



23 thoughts on “A Little About A Lot

  1. Pinkie

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us! You’re a brave woman and your kids are adventurous and awesome! Can’t wait to see pictures and get news from you guys! Take good care, be safe and have a blast! I’ll be thinking of you to always be under the bright side of what you’ll encounter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Queen

    Happy trails SJ! Thanks for sharing your adventure…I am living vicariously through you and love the pix of you and the kids. Safe travels.. See you when you get back! ❤️💋

    Liked by 1 person

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